Judge Brenda Mullinix
Retired Senior District Judge

Brenda Mullinix served as a District Court Judge and an Associate Judge in the 387th District Court in Fort Bend County for 16 years. Judge Mullinix, currently a Senior Retired District Judge, has tried several hundred family law related cases which provides her with a wealth of knowledge and real life experience to enhance the mediation process.

Brenda Mullinix is dedicated to the integrity of the mediation process as a means of helping individuals achieve a fair, cost effective resolution to their disputes. Her unique qualifications afford her the ability to understand highly emotional disputes as well as complex property and business related issues.

Brenda Mullinix is Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Family Law. She has over 28 years of legal experience, strong work ethic and a commitment to bring individuals together towards a beneficial resolution to their disputed issues.